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What Happens When You Stop Following and Start Listening.

There is absolutely no doubt that Twitter is a great platform which has transformed many aspects of life and business operations. Today, online reports indicate that Twitter has an incredibly huge membership currently pointing to slightly over 500 million. By any standards, this an awesome number which gives you an opportunity to get more and more followers on a daily basis. On the other hand, should you choose to buy followers on Twitter, you will gain as many as 
you want depending on the amount of money you are willing to spend on such an activity.

It is not all about following.

Importantly, Twitter is not all about following other users. There reaches a time when you have to stop following and listen to what it is they have to say. A vast majority of your friends, relatives, colleagues, business partners and news agencies among other bodies have all signed up for Twitter. This therefore means that you have to follow them in order to get a detailed view on what's presently happening. On the most effective strategies on how to get Twitter followers is following as many people as you can because a good number of them will certainly follow you back. As you watch your followers grow from follow-backs, you might be tempted to keep following, but what happens when you start listening at the expense of following?

Improved interaction with followers.

First, you will get an opportunity to keenly analyze the bits of information which are being continually posted into your timeline. Besides being adequately informed on what is happening around your local area and around the world in general, starting to listen prompts you to respond to your followers thereby keeping in with touch with them. In fact, there are Twitter users who are not so patient with other inactive users whom they follow. Once you fail to respond to their tweets, they will be so quick to unfollow you. Thus, starting to listen is more of a balancing act. It helps you to keep in touch and retain the followers you have gained. Interesting, right? You be the judge!

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